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Finally, You Can Reshape Your Butt and Look as Good Going as You do Coming!

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Give Me a Month, and You Won’t be Able to Stop Checking Yourself Out

Have you ever noticed that when people look in the mirror and check themselves out, most look ONLY at the frontal view.  Women might check their legs if there is space to step back or a full length mirror. But most women don’t bother, instead they look only at their facial makeup and hair while quickly adjusting their clothing to make sure “the girls” are where they are supposed to be.

Guys do the same thing! Watch any guy working out in a gym and see how they flex and pump their muscles in the mirror between sets, always focusing on the muscles in their chest and arms… basically they also look only at their body from the waist up.

People Avoid Looking at the Parts of Their Body They Hate!

Women complain about the three-way mirrors in department store dressing rooms, and most of us avoid them like the plague. The harsh florescent lighting, the huge three mirrors, the cellulite dimples and sagging flesh is not cute.

But until you acknowledge that there is a problem, how can you do anything about it?


Don’t Be Like Miley Cyrus!

miley flat butt

The fact that this child is only 20 years old and already has a saggy butt was sad. It’s not like she’s the only one… I’ve seen dozens of women with butts that slide down their thigh like hers, but they’re usually much, much older! I sat there shaking my head at the disaster she was in those tight little panty shorts.  If only she’d taken a minute to check that back view out before stepping out on stage.


We don’t want that to be you!

“You’re In Great Hands with Deborrah!”

Improve Your Assets Testimonial of Jennifer Serota“I’ve been training with Deb for 10 years, and I could not have gotten fit without her help. I’ve had three knee surgeries with repairs to my ACL and removal of my meniscus. Deb helped me more than my physical therapist! She has improved my posture, alleviated hip and knee pain, and continues to educate me on anatomical function so I understand why I am doing certain exercises. She has major experience and is very creative, so I never get bored. Her friendly, humorous personality gets me through some tough workouts. I am a very picky person and
she is the total package. I am 100% the better because of Deb.”

Jennifer Serota
San Francisco


So, I’d like you to do me a favor.  Go to a mirror right now and position yourself so you can check out your ass in your underwear.

Yeah, that’s right. You’re going to take a hard, unbiased look at your butt cheeks and answer the following question…

Is Your Butt Flat as a Pancake, Droopy and Saggy, Fat and Jiggly, or Disproportionately Huge?

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Be honest with where you are now – your starting point. Remember, you found your way to this page because you want help changing that butt of yours. And no matter which of the figure problems above may apply to you, this book offers solutions that work – I guarantee it!

“Deborrah, But How Do You Know Your Solutions Will Work for My Butt?”

saggy booty1Over the past 13 years I’ve worked as an ISSA and ACE nationally certified personal trainer at some of the most prestigious health clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve trained hundreds of women and men and helped them regain strength after surgery or illness, reshape their bodies after childbirth, recover from sports-related injuries, and stave off the deleterious effects of aging.

Each of my clients, both male and female, developed toned bodies, curves, strength and muscular definition they’ve never had before.

But one issue … one question… kept cropping up, and it had to do with butts.

One of the top three requests from clients and potential clients was “can you help me make my butt look better?”  My answer was always:  “Of course!”

The exercises and techniques I’ll share with you in this book have been proven time and time again to work. From 16 to 75, the bodies of my clients changed dramatically. Back pain disappeared within a few sessions. Knees were pain free for the first time in years after just two weeks. By following my instructions and doing these sometimes tough exercises, even my senior clients in their 60s and 70s developed pert butts in proper proportion for their frame.

Better booth black woman improve your assets

“This Book Changed My Life”

Improve Your Assets Testimonial of Jasmine ParkerI was lucky enough to be chosen to be a reviewer for the book. I was just doing the glute test you recommended. When I went to check my left side to see if it was strong, my tailbone popped back into place! I have been trying to get it back into place for weeks! Dayum! It’s like finally getting that piece of popcorn kernel out of your gums. I also want to comment on those “backward lunges” with the furniture mover thingies. Since I’ve been doing those, I’ve had drastically reduced lower back pain. I was hit from behind last February — the driver was going 50mph. Though I’ll probably always have some pain, that exercise really stretches my hip flexors, works my glutes and alleviates a lot of the pain. THANK YOU!!!

Jasmine Parker
Dallas, Texas


Improve Your Assets Can Do the Same for You!

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What You Don’t Use, You Lose!

The glutes are the biggest muscles in the human body and are designed to be activated frequently when walking, jogging, going up and down stairs, and getting in and out of chairs.



We need our glutes to do more than look cute in jeans! Glutes stabilize the pelvis and help us walk and stand without falling over.  However, most of us sit in our cars or at computers or desks all day, and unless we make an effort to exercise that specific muscle group, we don’t really use our glutes much. And it shows.


Gluteal Atrophy Is a Common Problem in the 21st Century

kyphotic posture rounded shoulders forward head“Walk down the street and look at the people who go by, focusing primarily on their butts. Notice how many people have poor posture!  Notice the forward heads, rounded shoulders, flat butts, pants that sag in the seat, or excessive fat through the upper and outer hip area.

Think about how many people you know that complain about knee and/or low back pain.

Reflect on how many people you’ve seen walking around your office or on the street that have a “shuffling” gait where they drag one or both feet, or walk with their toes pointing out at 45 degree angles as they mosey along. Or perhaps you’ve noticed instability and weakness or pain in your own body when you walk, run, stand or climb stairs…

Each of the symptoms above are frequently presented with non-functioning glutes. My fun and informative e-book, Improve Your Assets, can help change that!”


By following the tips and doing the exercise prescribed in this e-book, you willbetter booty bigger booty flat butt

“Deborrah is the Bomb!”

Improve Your Assets Testimonial of Leah FullerDeborrah is the bomb A** trainer and the BEST this side of the Mississippi River. I was the very first client she trained many years ago, and remained a victim :-) of her very effective training style many years after. You’ll see for yourself that she is no joke. Deb has an arsenal of different exercises that get quick results. I was soooo happy when she told me she was going to share her techniques with world. Enjoy your workouts!

Leah Fuller
Oakland, California


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